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Influence…by Aqua Leader


Combining the Practical with Extraordinary…

What makes us a leader is what sets us apart. What makes Aqua Leader pools stand out is the way we combine unique design quality with practicality, using innovative styling to create smooth round or oval above ground pools. We also owe our success to distinctive world-class components that make all the difference, including textured walls, ultra strong uprights and top ledges, solid joints and continuous-curve ledge covers. We know how important it is to strike the perfect balance between function and aesthetics!

Injection Molding

All the components of the resin pool structure are molded by an injection process that enables us to reinforce every one of these components (ribbing process), to curve the top ledge and also, to use a sturdy lock-on process, which eliminates most of the hardware. All resin components are colorfast throughout.


Why is the Influence such a hit with homeowners? It’s all in the details

  • Robust injection-molded Synflex® resin structure
  • Steel wall finished with Duratex® 2000 anti-corrosion paint
  • Internal wall protected against humidity and chemicals
  • Curved Synflex® resin top ledges
  • Resin rails with integrated connecting plates
  • Precision-adjusted components
  • Easy to assemble

Synflex® Resin

All the Influence resin pool components are made of 100% Synflex® resin. A new generation of reinforced and improved polypropylene synthetic resin with ultraviolet stabilizer and antistatic. Developed in Canada, it is specially designed to resist all environmental factors.

The Influence’s appeal lies in its refined aesthetic feel. Every element comes together in complete harmony, combing the practical with the extraordinary for both appearance and comfort. Ultra attractive wall, smoothly curved top ledge, sturdy uprights, strong lines, solid construction, simplicity of design: it all adds up to Influence beauty… as well as years and years of vacationing pleasure for you to enjoy at home!


The wall is made from alkaline cleaned steel with hot dipped galvanized coating for durability and years of dependable corrosion free use. It is made from corrugated steel (increasing its strength), and then treated with 14 coatings creating resistance to all environmental factors. Inner surface of the wall is treated with a special polyester resin coating, which is resistant to humidity and chemical infiltrations between the wall and the liner.

Available Sizes